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Wonderful Colour. Gothenburg Colourism in a New Light – Göteborgs konstmuseum

Wonderful Colour. Gothenburg Colourism in a New Light is the first exhibition of Gothenburg Colourists at the Gothenburg Museum of Art since the 1980s, thereby introducing this beloved style to new generations of visitors. Furthermore, it does this with a new perspective on an art movement with a historiography strongly marked by outdated biographical interpretations.

The exhibition presents a broader selection of Gothenburg Colourists than the core group, which has traditionally received the most attention. The most well-known names are shown alongside other previously overlooked but inspiring artists, not least the female pioneers. Furthermore, both forerunners and followers are displayed, to underline the continuity of colourism in West coast painting. The exhibition also features works by Danish and Norwegian Colourists, who were role models and parallels to the Gothenburg Colourists. In this way, the movement is placed in a Scandinavian context.

A comprehensive, richly illustrated catalogue has been produced in conjunction with the exhibition Wonderful Colour. Gothenburg Colourism in a New Light, 22 April 2023–7 April 2024.

Wonderful Colour. Gothenburg Colourism in a New Light
Editor: Kristoffer Arvidsson
Authors: Kristoffer Arvidsson, Per Dahlström, Martin Gustavsson, Andrea Kollnitz, Lydia Sandgren, Patrik Steorn, Håkan Wettre, Jeff Werner and Eva Zetterman.
Graphic Design: Karl Stefan Andersson
Paperback, 382 pages
ISBN: 978-91-988152-6-9
Price: 285 SEK

The Gothenburg Museum of Art and Appell Förlag 2023.

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