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Göteborgs konstmuseum

Introduction to the Gothenburg Museum of Art

Welcome to an introduction to the Gothenburg Museum of Art in the Fürstenberg Gallery, one of the museum’s most appreciated exhibitions. As a center for industry, trade, and entrepreneurship, Gothenburg has since the 19th century been the home to several wealthy individuals with strong social and cultural interests, similar to the Fürstenbergs. This resulted in a culture of donations that has made the museum and its esteemed collection possible. During the introduction, you will get a taste of the museum’s more than hundred-year history and insight into what is currently exhibited in the museum’s halls.

No pre-registration is required. The introduction is included in the entrance fee.

Wednesdays 14.30–14.45 (12 June to 14 August)
Saturdays 13.30–13.45 (1 June to 31 August)


The real attraction for me was the gallery's collection of Nordic painters. Goteborgs konstmuseum has possibly the best collection of Nordic painters in the whole of Sweden.

Visitor From Tripadvisor

I like everything in the museum and now I am in love with the Art of Tove Jansson it was amazing <3

Visitor on Facebook 28 February 2017

At the Göteborg Art Museum you could really feel the art from different centuries communicate with eachother. Great work of mixing old and new pieces from the collection and giving the exhibition such an interesting twist!

Visitor on their Instagram 18 Dec 2016

Highly recommended (three stars). The museum is exceptional and worth a trip.

Michelin Green Guide Travelguide Award

Visiting the Gothenburg Museum of Art was one of the highlights of my stay in the city.

Karen Bryan, Blogger Europe a la carte, 8 Dec 2016

I took a walk through Gothenburg and discovered the museum of art. At the end my visit took 2 hours longer than I planned to spend in the city, because I really enjoyed exploring all the artworks and the temporary exhibition in this nice building. As a student the entry was free! :-)

Visitor From TripAdvidsor

The museum houses art (mainly paintings) from the last 500 years or so. We were pleased to see such a wide-range of artists' work displayed - both those from Scandinavia but also those more well-known to us such as Picasso, Munch, Van Gogh, Kandinsky and Monet.

Visitor From TripAdvidsor

Book a Private Guided Tour

Did you know that you can book private guided tours at the museum, for both personal occasions and events for companies and societies? A private guided tour can be a wonderful surprise for someone you wish to celebrate, or an inspirational experience for you and your coworkers. Perhaps you will become aware of new contexts and new ways to see art, or notice details that you did not know existed. The guided tours are led by our art educators, who adapt the content to your specific interests. Read more about the different themes below.