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Tori Wrånes – Göteborgs konstmuseum

Tori Wrånes
2 March – 25 August 2019

Hybrid forms and mutations, trolls singing and chanting, treadmills covered with dough, and bean bags, suspended from the ceiling, that have collided head-on with abstract painting. This spring, the meteoric Norwegian artist Tori Wrånes features at the Gothenburg Museum of Art in her first solo exhibition at a museum in Sweden.

Tori Wrånes (b 1978, Norway) creates intensive film works and installations centred on light and movement. She has described her oeuvre as an attempt to create realities beyond norms and standards. Often, she employs a choreographic approach in which sound, voice and music are important.

The exhibition at the Gothenburg Museum of Art is Tori Wrånes’ first solo exhibition at a museum in Sweden. A number of her works will be shown: A large format video installation, a series of sculptures and interventions in the exhibition space, as well as newly produced paintings, specially created for the exhibition in Gothenburg. Experienced in their entirety the works evoke a dreamlike, absurd and singular visual and auditive world that bears traces of Nordic mythology, as well as LGBTQ activism and the anarchistic Gesamtkunstwerk.

Tori Wrånes is based in Oslo but works and exhibits internationally in both art museums and galleries, as well as institutions focused on stage art, choreography and performance. Recently, she participated in the Biennales at Dakar and in Thailand, and during the past year she has been presented in solo exhibitions in Belgium, France, Norway, Poland and the United States.

Caption: ©Tori Wrånes, still image from ”YOUR NEXT VACATION IS CALLING”, 2014-2017.
Three-channel video installation based on a performance at Lilith Performance Studio, Malmö 2014. Photo: Alice Slyngstad