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Close Your Eyes and Tell Me What You See – Göteborgs konstmuseum

Close Your Eyes and Tell Me What You See was a group exhibition of international contemporary art that was shown at the Gothenburg Museum of Art in 2011. Twelve artists from ten countries participated. A common denominator for the artists was an interest in the gaze, visual perception, landscape and materiality.

The connections between seeing and knowing, and the eye and the world, was a recurring theme. A trilingual catalogue was produced for the exhibition featuring articles by artists, curators and poets. The project was presented in collaboration with the Pro Artibus Foundation and Åbo, Culture Capital of Europe in 2011.

Exhibition catalogue Close Your Eyes and Tell Me What You See
Editor: Johan Sjöström
Authors: Gunnar Broberg, Andréas Hagström, Ann Jäderlund, Johan Sjöström, Göran Torrkulla
Graphic design: Ola Ingvarsson
Languages: Swedish, Finnish, English
Gothenburg Museum of Art and Pro Artibus, Gothenburg 2011
Hardcover, 91 pages
ISBN 978-91-87968-74-7