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Some Kind of Knowledge – Göteborgs konstmuseum

New Artworks in the Collection

14 June –15 October 2017

Large-format video works by Jonas Dahlberg and Klas Eriksson are shown side by side with Iiu Susiraja’s photographs that question norms in society and Alexander Tallén’s porcelain sculptures of bearded hipsters. The Gothenburg Museum of Art now presents its latest acquisitions in a presentation that spans the entire museum.

To collect is to write contemporary art history. A comprehensive collection that also features in-depth presentations of individual oeuvres is vital for an art museum in order to stay relevant in the art world. The Gothenburg Museum of Art is constantly expanding its collection. In the exhibition Some Kind of Knowledge – New Artworks in the Collection, we now show a broad selection of acquisitions from the past three years. The exhibition is shown on the three Étages as well as intermingled with the permanent collection.

The exhibition features works by Vanessa Baird, Ewa Brodin, Jonas Dahlberg, Ann-Mari Didoff, Klas Eriksson, Charlotte Gyllenhammar, Maria Hedlund, Hannaleena Heiska, Clay Ketter, Iiu Susiraja and Alexander Tallén, among others.

Since its origins, the Gothenburg Museum of Art has collected contemporary art and has never shied away from new forms of artistic expression. Today, the collection encompasses close to 70 000 works in different media, around 4 300 paintings, sculptures, installations and video works, 61 000 watercolours, drawings and prints, 900 photographs and 2 300 illustrations from children’s books.

During the years 2014–2016, the Gothenburg Museum of Art acquired approximately 200 works. All of them were either purchased with donated funds or received as gifts to the museum. Today, just as at the time of the museum’s opening, the enlargement of the collection is dependent on donations from private collectors.

The wide-ranging and internationally renowned collection is the foundation for the museum’s work with exhibitions, art education and research. Thanks to the collection, it is possible to exchange works in collaborations with other international museums and partners for exhibitions and research.


Top image: Maria Hedlund, from Some Kind of Knowledge 1, 2014, The Gothenburg Museum of Art.