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Gothenburg Colourists – Göteborgs konstmuseum

Discover West Coast Painting Shimmering with Colour

Colorism is a term used to describe an artistic approach that places greater emphasis on color than on form. In Swedish art, the Gothenburg Colorists are among the most renowned proponents of a coloristic style of painting. The label “Gothenburg Colorism” was applied in the late 1930s to a group of painters who had studied under Tor Bjurström at Valand School of Fine Arts during the 1920s. With a subjective and lyrical approach to painting, where color took center stage, the Gothenburg Colorists shaped the identity of West Swedish art for a long time. Prominent members of this movement include Åke Göransson, Ivan Ivarson, Ragnar Sandberg, and Inge Schiöler. Currently, some of the works of the Gothenburg Colorists are temporarily removed after being part of the exhibition Wonderful Colour. Gothenburg Colourism in a New Light  In June, these works will be reintroduced after rearrangement in the galleries. Meanwhile, visitors can explore coloristic pioneers and Scandinavian colorists in room 24 and 25.