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Martin Gustavsson: In No Particular Order – Göteborgs konstmuseum

In 2011, the London-based Swedish painter Martin Gustavsson (b. 1964) showed a series of paintings in the exhibition In No Particular Order at the Gothenburg Museum of Art. The title of the exhibition refers to how the over 120 paintings were hung in random order from the floor to the ceiling along one of the walls of the exhibition hall. Martin Gustavsson’s wide range of subject matter and genres reveal a broad spectrum of influences from historical to contemporary art. The body as a site for desire, decay and perspectives from art history is a recurring theme.

Exhibition catalogue Martin Gustavsson: In No Particular Order
Editors: Karen Diamond, Johan Sjöström
Authors: Isabella Nilsson, Ian White
Languages: Swedish, English
Gothenburg Museum of Art, Gothenburg 2011
Paperback, sewn book, 63 pages
ISBN 91-87968-72-X