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Focus on Europe: New Objectivities 1919–1939 – Göteborgs konstmuseum

New Objectivity broke with modernism’s development towards abstraction. Instead, it reconnected to a realist idiom harking back to the Renaissance, which its artists used to depict the world around them. The images convey both fascination and anxiety over new technologies and social change. For the first time, Swedish New Objectivity is presented in an international context in which both similarities and national characteristics become apparent. With a comprehensive selection of paintings and works on paper, the exhibition evokes the dynamic cultural climate of a dramatic epoch. The exhibition catalogue’s wealth of images and newly written essays provide an in-depth insight into a vibrant artistic current and a dynamic period in Europe’s cultural history.

Focus on Europe: New Objectivities 1919–1939

Exhibition catalogue published in connection to the exhibition Focus on Europe: New Objectivities 1919–1939 at the Gothenburg Museum of Art 12 June–19 September 2021.
Editors: Kristoffer Arvidsson and Johan Sjöström
Författare: Kristoffer Arvidsson, Michael Azar, Lena Johannesson, Sacha Llewellyn, Janina Nentwig, Mieke Rijnders, Johan Sjöström, Patrik Steorn
Graphic design: Carolina Laudon
Hardcover: 402 pages
Språk: Swedish/English
Gothenburg Museum of Art/Gothenburg 2021
ISBN 978-91-984601-6-2
Price: 325 SEK

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