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August Strindberg – Göteborgs konstmuseum

Skies painted with intense expressionist brushstrokes, self-portraits in different roles, and photographs of stars . The visual art of August Strindberg strikes us as remarkably modern. Both as a photographer and as a painter, he experimented with unconventional methods.
Strindberg’s painting garnered a lot of attention even during his lifetime, but its unique and innovative qualities were not fully recognized until the 1960s, fifty years after his death. The photographs in the exhibition include a series of pictures taken in the autumn of 1886 at Gersau in Switzerland. Here, Strindberg appears in different roles, such as author, athlete, Russian nihilist, husband and family man.

The exhibition also included Strindberg’s photographical experiments trying to capture starry skies and weather phenomena. The exhibition was a collaboration with the Strindberg Museum in Stockholm and comprised 57 photographs and 5 paintings. The richly illustrated catalogue shows Strindberg’s painting and photography from a number of different perspectives.

Exhibition catalogue August Strindberg
Editor: Per Dahlström
Authors: Per Dahlström, Erik Höök, Agneta Lalander, Isabella Nilsson, August Strindberg, Göran Söderström
Graphic design: Jussi Öhrvall
Languages: Swedish, English
Gothenburg Museum of Art, Gothenburg 2012
Paperback, 66 pages
ISBN 978-91-87968-81-5