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The Gothenburg Museum of Art 100 years – Göteborgs konstmuseum

6 May-until further notice

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Gothenburg Museum of Art´s building. We celebrated this with a presentation of the museum’s history through photographs and moving images. During the summer, the arches on the museum’s iconic facade will reflect historical moments from a century. Take a hundred-year journey together with one of Gothenburg’s most well-known meeting places for art experiences.

The museum will showcase archival films from Gothenburg’s 300th anniversary in 1923, as well as historical films and images in the entrance hall. In May, seven facade banners will also be unveiled, one in each arch, reflecting what has happened on the site during the 100 years that the museum has existed. The Gothenburg Museum of Art probably has one of Sweden’s most well-known facades. Since its opening in 1923, it has been the backdrop for everything from the inauguration of Carl Milles’ statue Poseidon in Götaplatsen in the 1930s to the riots during the EU summit in 2001.

Banners, photos, and archival films will be on display throughout the summer of 2023. The presentation highlights the museum’s significance as an inspiring meeting place for residents and tourists and is an important part of the historical foundation for the upcoming renovation and expansion of the Gothenburg Museum of Art, one hundred years between anniversary exhibitions.

When the museum building on Götaplatsen was new in 1923, exhibitions of Nordic and West Swedish art were shown here and in the Göteborgs Konsthall. One hundred years later, the museum connects with history and presents a major exhibition of Gothenburg Colorism. Wonderful Colour. Gothenburg Colourism in a New Light is an anniversary exhibition for 2023 and a long-awaited tribute to the city’s own art history.

The celebration is a collaboration between the Gothenburg Museum of Art, Higab, and the University of Gothenburg through GPS400 – Center for Collaborative Visual Research.

Top Image: View of Götaplatsen with the Gothenburg Museum of Art in focus during the Jubilee Exhibition in 1923. Photographer unknown, The Museum of Gothenburg.