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Jone Kvie – Göteborgs konstmuseum


24 February– 20 May 2018

Jone Kvie is one of the most fascinating sculptors in the Nordic countries. He explores sculpture as form, material and weight with both classical and modernist methods. With references to nature, alchemy and the universe, he investigates the present age and the human condition in monumental, organic and minimalistic sculptures. Cast in bronze or alumnium, or carved in marble, the sculptures’ mode of expression is austere, massive and precise.

With the exhibition Metamorphosis, Kvie abandons his earlier themes of the universe, falling stars and gas clouds, and returns to Earth as a source of inspiration. For the exhibition, he has worked with sculptural pieces of a solitary nature as well as two new series of sculptures focusing on spatial installations consisting of low, floor-based works.

Using a special light design, he experiments with the role of light in understanding sculpture and continues to investigate his own artistic production. The visual aspects of processing three-dimensional works are central.

In between the body, architecture and sculpture
In the sculpture series Second Messenger (2017/2018) Kvie explores encounters between basalt rock and alumnium in objects cast in packing material found on building sites. The juxtaposition of basalt rock and objects made of alumnium draws our attention to the interfaces between the materials and their relation to each other. From that perspective it is clear that Kvie works just as much with the in-between spaces or gaps in the spatial composition as with the objects themselves.

The sculptures can be understood as intersections of the body, architecture and culture, but they also refer to physiological aspects of life. The black basalt rock is a volcanic mineral rich in calcium, from the city of Izmir in Turkey. Just like all living organisms, we need calcium in order for our nervous system to function correctly and relay nerve signals, hence the title Second Messenger.


Top image: Jone Kvie, Second Messenger #4, 2017
Photo: © Niklas Hansson, Courtesy of the artist, ELASTIC Gallery and Nils Staerk

Jone Kvie (b 1971) lives in Marseille, France, and Skräddaröd, Skåne. He received his training at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and the Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

His sculpture Oracle (2004) has been part of the collection of the Gothenburg Museum of Art since 2010, and the spring’s solo exhibition provides the public with the opportunity to acquire a deeper knowledge of Kvie’s oeuvre.

The exhibition is produced by the Gothenburg Museum of Art with support from the Office for Contemporary Art Norway

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